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Games, Arts & Entertainment

Games, Arts & Entertainment

visage|SDK™ cutting-edge face tracking is an excellent basis for interactive animation, avatar control, sophisticated user interaction and other advanced features in games, arts installations and other applications.

Visage Technologies strives to keep you competitive among companies with access to expensive hardware and services for generating and recording face animation.

visage|SDK™ supplies cutting-edge technology for sophisticated face tracking, thus providing a reliable, yet flexible ground for developing your own applications.


visage|SDK™ features an intuitive API for accessing all of our innovative algorithms and software packages, which when put together present to the software developer an efficient toolkit for tracking real-time actor performance, and turning it into live digital avatar animation and other innovative applications.

No matter the size of your project, visage|SDK™ will provide streamlined workflow, allowing you to put a greater focus on innovation and creativity. When building upon our framework, you can expect a drastic reduction in both the time and expenses required to make the kind of advanced applications, involving facial animation previously reserved for large game and film studios.


So what will you make? A game where the villain can see you laughing at him and respond in an interactive exchange, an app for turning your head into a mythical animal, or how about recording your own digital movie? With our technology, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and sense of wonder.

Connect with the evergrowing family of developers using our technology as their foundation. Examples of practical applications include:

Moving Picture Company for TalkTalk TV X Factor

Moving Picture Company used visage|SDK to create a the BopHeads app that is fully responsive on mobile and desktop platforms, and films fans as they sing along to X Factor hits. The app superimposes fans’ bopping heads onto choreographed characters in real time, and thus the users can share music videos featuring them as music stars, either alone, or with friends, using multi-tracking technology.


Campfire at SapientNitro

Campfire at SapientNitro created an amazing website using our gaze tracking, where you can immerse yourself into the world of the TV series Outcast, in which a young man searches for answers as to why he has been suffering from supernatural possessions his entire life.

Posession Begins


Facerig provides real-time animation of your face into various avatars.


Animask allows making your own digital movies by face recording and animation.


Eyevapor specializes in live interactive performance visualization for shows and events.


Divit lets you animate characters in real-time.

Echoes of the Tsunami

Echoes of the Tsunami is using eye-closure detection that creates an experience so dramatic and intense that will allow you to clear your mind and reflect on the memories of the Tsunami, as if you lived through the disaster.


Selfit will allow you to quickly create and share video clips and snapshot selfies enriched with unique virtual elements, effects, animations and much more, all done in real-time straight from your mobile devices.

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