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Gaze tracking on iPad, iPhone and webcams

Feb 5, 2013

Visage Technologies released updates of visage|SDK for Windows and iOS, including gaze tracking from consumer cameras and advanced smoothing function to further enhance the stability of tracking output.

Gaze tracking provides estimated gaze direction, both relative to the person’s head and in global coordinate system centered at the camera.

Furthermore, our support of FaceGen models has been further enhanced with specific focus on eyes animation.

As before, FaceTrack tracks the face in real time and obtains 3D head pose, facial features coordinates, facial actions, a textured 3D face model, and now also gaze direction. The packages include software libraries, full documentation and ready-to-deploy sample projects with full source code, including a project integrating the tracker with Unity 3D engine for Augmented Reality applications.

Read more about our gaze tracking.

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