B:IT.con 2018: Computer Vision Solutions with a Swedish-Croatian Twist

The city of Bjelovar, Croatia hosted their Technology & IT conference, B:IT.con, second year in a row. The conference’s mission is to connect and introduce members of the Croatian IT community, and beyond. It also strives to expand knowledge, present new technologies and innovations in the sector. This year, the conference had 13 presenters with 12 discussion topics split two ways: IT and Tech.

The chosen presenters were from a variety of companies and institutions, like Gideon Brothers, Five, Oracle, Erste and others.

Our own Mario Maric, Visage Technologies’ Business Development Manager, held a presentation on Visage Technologies, our products and expertise in the computer vision domain, and how it fits in with the tag that we carry: “a Swedish-Croatian company”.

The full presentation (in Croatian) can be seen below:

For more info about the conference, visit their website.