Visage Technologies at CES 2020: Schedule your meeting

CES 2020

CES 2020 is just around the corner, which means that our meeting calendar is open for business. If you’re attending the world’s largest tech show, don’t skip the chance to find out how your business can benefit from computer vision.


Face tracking & analysis for your business

Computer vision can benefit businesses in many ways – from growing sales with a custom virtual try-on to improving safety with facial biometrics, and much more in between.

To support such broad range of use cases, we’ve built visage|SDK. It’s very lightweight so it can run smoothly on all devices – both online and offline – on all major platforms and embedded systems. We’re continuously optimizing our technology to stay up to date with market trends and client needs. This year, we’ve published 4 new releases of our SDK which introduced innovative features such as ear tracking and iris tracking, along with significant improvements in performance.


Try out our tech live at CES 2020

You can try out our tech at our partners’ booths:

  • Security and Safety Things, Booth 12401 – Emotion analysis and face recognition

Security and Safety Things, a Bosch startup, will be showcasing their open IoT platform for security cameras built to enable seamless management of networked cameras. Our tech is available on the platform as a customizable tool for emotion, gender and age analysis, people counting, and face recognition.

As you stand in front of the screen, our smart algorithms detect your emotions and label them in real-time. You can also try out our face recognition simply by tapping the Remember me button. The next time you show up, the software will recognize you right away.

The demo will be available on Booth 12401. If you’d like to discuss how this tech can help upgrade your business, we’d be happy to meet you at CES – schedule your meeting today.


  • NXP, Booth CP-18 – Emotion recognition

We’ve had a long-term partnership with Basler, offering state-of-the-art face tracking, analysis and recognition software on their top-notch cameras. Our SDK has been integrated on one of NXP’s application processors which receives input from Basler cameras. The camera view and emotion data will be displayed live in a developer environment.

If you’d like to check it out, stop by NXP’s Booth. If you’d prefer to discuss the solution with our reps, let us know and we’ll reserve a time slot for you.


Schedule your meeting today

CES has been the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies for 50 years, introducing world changing innovations. We’d be happy to give you a glimpse of that innovation when it comes to face tracking and analysis. Schedule your meeting with us and let’s discuss how AI can power up your business.