Microblink uses liveness detection for secure ID verification


About Microblink

Microblink develops proprietary computer vision technology optimized for real-time processing on mobile devices. Using advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques, their products ensure the fastest and the most accurate text recognition. Microblink’s goal is to improve user experience and engagement on mobile devices by eliminating the need to manually enter data.

Business challenge

Fraud has become a serious problem for businesses handling sensitive virtual transactions. Research has shown that 61% of fraud losses for banks stem from identity fraud. To make sure only the right person can access the right information, a more holistic approach to verification is needed.

Face recognition algorithms are very easy to spoof using methods such as using a photo of the person or a prerecorded video. Microblink needed a solution that would act as an additional security layer on top of their face recognition. That solution would prevent spoofing attacks without sacrificing user experience.


Microblink has high standards, especially when it comes to user experience. They chose Visage Technologies because our software checked all their boxes:

  • visage|SDK is quick and lightweight, so it can work flawlessly on all Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Our SDK delivers great results with a broad range of cameras and resolutions.
  • Face tracking works locally on any device, even with no Internet connection.
  • visage|SDK comes with a detailed development guide, lots of customization options and excellent technical support

Integrating our face tracking technology resulted in quick, easy and accurate liveness detection via mobile devices.

Users scan their documents using BlinkID, which immediately extracts their ID data. Then, the user points the phone camera towards their face and does a few movements, such as blinking or smiling, to ensure they’re an actual person. This is called liveness detection. Finally, the app tries to match the user’s face to the data that was previously extracted from their ID document.

For users, this process is very simple, can be done anywhere, and takes only seconds. For businesses, it provides an additional layer of security and increased protection against fraud and identity theft.

This solution helps Microblink offer quality solution to financial institutions that want to operate in virtual space without loosing any sleep over ID issues.