MPEG-4 Face and Body Animation (MPEG-4 FBA) is the part of MPEG-4 International Standard (ISO14496) dealing with animation of human or human-like characters. MPEG-4 FBA specifies:

  • a set of 86 Face Animation Parameters (FAPs) including visemes, expressions and low-level parameters to move all parts of the face;
  • a set of feature points on the face for any application that needs well-defined facial landmarks (e.g. facial feature detection in visage|SDK™ uses it to return feature coordinates);
  • a set of 196 Body Animation Parameters (BAPs) consisting of joint rotation angles;
  • efficient encoding of animation parameters resulting in full animation at very low bitrates (e.g. <5 kbps for face animation).

All Visage Technologies’ products are based on MPEG-4 FBA, enabling standardised integration of modules and interchange with 3rd party products.
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MPEG-4 Facial Feature Points are illustrated in the following image: