Independent research

Emotion recognition in humans and machine

Emotion recognition in humans and machine using posed and spontaneous facial expressions compares several emotion recognition algorithms, including FaceAnalysis developed by Visage Technologies.

Using Intel's OpenVINO toolkit to improve face tracking performance

Face tracking plays an important role in user awareness applications and AI-powered solutions. Read how you can use Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit to help harness its full potential.

NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT 1:1)

NIST FRVT report, published on 18th December 2020, features Visage Technologies’ algorithm for the first time. It achieved outstanding results as one of the fastest and lightest methods in the report.


Regression-based methods for face alignment: A survey

Research paper by Ivan Gogic, Director of R&D at Visage Technologies, explores the latest regression-based approaches, recent training techniques, and benchmark comparison of the most successful methods.

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