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New release of visage|SDK includes eye tracking

Dec 11, 2012

Visage Technologies is proud to announce simultaneous new release of visage|SDK 1.3 for iOS and visage|SDK 6.5 for Windows. We have made considerable improvements in our tracking technology, including:

  • eye (iris) tracking,
  • full frame rate video display during initialisation,
  • improved initial eye detection, resulting also in enhanced tracking precision and stability.

Documentation has been further enhanced, in particular on iOS where it is now delivered in more convenient HTML format instead of PDF.

Additionally, in visage|SDK for Windows, we have further enhanced our support for FaceGen technology, with fully automatic conversion of TGA transparent textures and support for FaceGen’s additional hair models.

Finally, in visage|SDK for iOS we have added optimized tracking configurations for various devices and automatic configuration selestion, ensuring optimal performance on each device.

As before, FaceTrack can find and track the face in real time and obtain 3D head pose, facial features coordinates (now including iris locations!), facial actions and even a textured 3D face model. The packages includes software libraries, full documentation and ready-to-deploy sample projects with full source code, including a project integrating the tracker with Unity 3D engine for an Augmented Reality application.


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