Visage Technologies in the media


“They have been named one of Sweden’s ten fastest growing tech companies, and with their face detection, they deliver solutions to hundreds of companies worldwide.”

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“A unique mix of research, knowledge, and experience, combined with consulting and custom development services have helped the company’s clients make the most of this cutting-edge technology.”

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“For a machine to understand facial movement, it needs to understand the many ways a face can look. The algorithms have to be robust to various lighting changes, occlusions, different extreme head rotations,…”

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“There are really a lot of use cases for biometrics and verification. The most popular ones are face tracking, iris detection and tracking, fingerprint, and voice recognition.”

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Total Croatia News

“Visage Technologies is the eighth fastest growing high-tech company in Sweden. It boasts many Croatian employees, in fact 60 of its 70 workers are based in Croatia.”

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Jutarnji List

“They develop software for identifying, tracking and analyzing human faces. In the past year their revenue increased by 200 percent and they doubled their number of employees.”

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“Deloitte Technology Fast50 rankar Sveriges snabbast växande tekbolag. Med en ökning på 373% under de senaste tre åren kom Linköpingsföretaget Visage Technologies.”

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