What we offer

Unique projects

We’ve been innovating in the field of computer vision since 2002. Today, we have many unique R&D projects under our belt and we’re a proud owner of our own product – visage|SDK.

Our specialized Automotive Division exclusively collaborates with a major automotive safety supplier. The division develops algorithms for ADAS, making autonomous driving safer.

Our hard work and amazing technology have fueled our organic growth, placing us among the fastest-growing companies.

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Professional development

We spare no expense when it comes to knowledge. You get everything you need to be excellent at what you do, including education budget, internal knowledge sharing and workshops, academic work support, rich company library, summer schools, and industry-leading conferences. We also love giving back to the community by participating in meetups and organizing events such as Computer Vision Talks.

Besides developing top-notch technology on a daily basis, we are also proud of many scientific papers published by our team, and the fact that 8% of us have a PhD.

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Work-life balance

We believe that quality time outside the office makes us happier and more productive in the office. That’s why you can count on a people-first attitude, completely work-free time off, no irrational and unrealistic startup hype, and a relaxed atmosphere in the office. You can also:

  • Enjoy a flexible working schedule;
  • Stay active with subsidized recreation and MultiSport card;
  • Keep your health in check with yearly medical checkups;
  • Receive parental perks including childbirth allowance, gifts for children, additional days off, etc.

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Great company culture

Although we work hard, we try to make it fun and avoid stress. We are open and respectful and don’t mind going out of our way to help each other. We also don’t mind relaxing over food, drinks and good company. This usually leads to unforgettable team buildings, company getaways, barbecues, and after-work parties.

As we keep growing, so does the number of internal initiatives. You can now cycle with our Beers and Gears πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ, explore nature with Unlikely Hikers 🌳, achieve eternal glory with our basketball team πŸ€, help others with the Do Good group πŸ™, share your art in Art@Visage 🎨, and more.

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Comfy office

Our office has everything you need to be productive, and yet feel at home. You can enjoy peace and quiet while working in a dedicated team office or just chill in Fika – our lounge area – when you need a break. There’s also:

  • Chill area with board games, billiard, table tennis, pull-up bar, electric piano, etc.
  • No open space
  • The best view of the city from our 15th floor πŸ˜‰

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... and much more

Working on interesting projects and having amazing colleagues is awesome, but we want you to be happy with your pay as well. We follow the market and evaluate the salaries every year to make sure you’ll stay a part of our team for a long time.

Besides that, we offer many other perks, including Christmas and vacation bonuses, shopping vouchers, team building budgets, company mobile phones, employee stock option program, and more.

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Building amazing technology with amazing teams

Our vision is to enable the unimaginable with computer vision technology created in a harmonic workplace. That is why, above everything, we value team spirit, openness, proactivity, and critical thinking.





Don’t worry – we’re growing fast, so that might change soon. Follow us on social media and be the first to find out about our new vacancies. If you have any questions, send them over to careers@visagetechnologies.com.