Why Consider custom Development

Proven expertise

With more than 100 customer projects and 10+ years of experience in computer vision, we know how to get things done right faster. Your project is valuable – let experts handle it right from the first try.


Our technology has already been used for virtual makeup, eyewear, face masks, heat maps… but that’s just scratching the surface. We can customize visage SDK for your specific use case.

Time and cost benefits

Training employees, doing research, learning from mistakes… customization can get costly on your own, especially with delicate technologies such as computer vision. Custom development gets you to a ready-made solution in less time and money.

Complete transparency

As long as we’re working on your project, you’re never a simple bystander. You’re always involved and informed – from start to finish. You communicate directly with the Team Leader, which helps us deliver the optimal solution faster


Our development services include customization of our face tracking, analysis, and recognition technology in order to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced, fast and flexible team can integrate visage|SDK into your existing application or build an out-of-the-box solution from scratch. Through direct communication with the Project Manager, you remain fully involved in the project as we work towards building the perfect solution for you.

  • 20 years of experience in computer vision
  • In-house research and development team with hands-on experience with complex projects


Our consultants help you lay the groundworks for a successful project. We research the best possible ways to meet your objectives and structure your project accordingly. This includes examining its feasibility, investigating the latest trends, selecting optimal technologies and planning the best way to bring your project to life. The result is a custom solution proposal you can either use yourself or let our team develop it for you.

  • Advice and planning carried our by experienced R&D experts
  • Transparent process and direct communication with dedicated engineers