2022-05-12 makeup|SDK 3.2

Platform: HTML5

  • Upgraded to visage|SDK makeup specific edition optimized for frontal faces based on official visage|SDK 8.8 stable release.
  • Added useTexture flag which is used to enable/disable using of texture input.
  • Added new blend mode, Multiply, which is suggested to use for rendering the following features: Blush, Contour and Eyebrows.
  • Added extra Blush and Contour textures/feature templates specifically designed for various face shapes.
  • Added new textures/feature templates which can be used for creating Lipstick Ombre feature: LipstickOmbreOuter and LipstickOmbreInner.
  • Textures for all eyeshadow features modified so they fit the eyes better.
  • Texture for foundation modified so that the nostrils are not shown.
  • Mesh for lips modified so that the lipstick fits lips better.


2021-07-30 makeup|SDK 3.0

  • Added area textures updating support to UpdateMakeup API function, used area textures are now are visible in the package and referenced via their location in predefined template files and API
  • Added new features: Contour and Highlighter
  • Using the content of the license file as an input for licensing is now fixed on HTML5


2021-03-29 makeup|SDK 2.0

  • Added new method UpdateMakeUp which allows the updates to color a parameter of an effect without recreating it
  • Added transparency parameter to the finish so that it can be controlled separately from feature transparency
  • Safari browser is now supported in the HTML5 sample application
  • HTML5 sample application can now be used through npm


2020-01-15 makeup|SDK 1.1

Platforms: HTML5

  • Added a responsive layout to the sample application
  • Added onFrameRendered callback which can be used as a synchronization mechanism
  • Optimized CreateMakeup speed
  • Fixed bugs occurring when using WebGL < 2.0
  • Fixed various issues related to the rendering of finishes

Known issues