Meet our board

Igor Pandžić

Igor Pandžić, Ph.D.

Computer vision and graphics researcher and professor at Zagreb University

Jörgen Ahlberg

Jörgen Ahlberg, Ph.D.

Computer vision researcher and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Linköping University

Atina Koljevina

Atina Koljevina, R&D Engineer

Research and Development Engineer at Visage Technologies’ Face Technology Division

Vedran Hrgetic

Vedran Hrgetic, R&D Engineer

Senior Research and Development Engineer at Visage Technologies’ Automotive Division

Robert Forchheimer

Robert Forchheimer, Ph.D.

Information coding, video compression and optical networks researcher and Professor at Linköping University

Vjekoslav Ranogajec

Vjekoslav Ranogajec, Director of Solutions and Custom Development

Director of Solutions and Custom Development at Face Technology Division

Face technology division

Here at Face Technology Division, we are passionate about reading human faces with technology. We build powerful computer vision algorithms that obtain as much information as possible from human faces in images and videos. Our software tracks human faces, estimates their age, gender and emotions, and, finally, verifies their identity.

Automotive division

Automotive Division was formed exclusively for an R&D collaboration project with a major automotive safety supplier. The division develops smart algorithms for ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System). By using computer vision to detect and classify objects visible by the vehicle’s camera, we are helping make autonomous driving safer.

  • Direct collaboration with a major automotive safety supplier
  • Croatian-Swedish team of top-level computer vision and machine learning experts

What makes us the best at what we do



Founded by computer vision experts, Visage Technologies provides a unique mix of research, knowledge and experience from its very beginning. 17 years and hundreds of projects later, our technology remains at the forefront of face tracking and analysis.

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Trusted partners

Trusted partners

We want to ensure only top quality for our clients. Our partners help us there by implementing our technology into top class, out-of-the-box products.

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Diverse projects

Diverse projects

Our technology is used by more than 200 clients – from start-ups and research institutions to large multinationals. From marketing to robotics, visageSDK is at the very heart of innovative solutions worldwide.

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Visage Technologies in the press


“There are really a lot of use cases for biometrics and verification. The most popular ones are face tracking, iris detection and tracking, fingerprint, and voice recognition.”

Insight Success

“A unique mix of research, knowledge, experience and cooperation, combined with consulting and custom development services have helped the company’s clients make the most of this cutting-edge technology.”


“For a machine to understand facial movement, it needs to understand the many ways a face can look. The algorithms have to be robust to various lighting changes, occlusions, different extreme head rotations,


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