As a marketplace for state-of-the-art, AI-driven video analytics software, we were very excited to welcome Visage Technologies as a new solution to our application store. The team ported their solution to our environment in a matter of a few weeks. Our collaboration was extremely professional, solution-driven and productive. Now we are able to offer to the market an advanced application for biometric and emotional analytics that has impressed our partners and opens up many new use cases for our customers. We are excited about what’s more to come!”

Hartmut Scharper,
CEO, Azena

“As an entrepreneur for the last 25 years, I have worked and developed many systems based on new technologies. I can say that the team behind Visage Technologies has shown an enviable amount of understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs when we face various problems during prototype development, and has made the whole process easier and ultimately successful. A quality product with dedicated, professional and above all, human approach to clients certainly deserves my sincere recommendation.”

Robert Majhen,
CEO, Lunar

“We have been working with Visage Technologies across a number of campaigns in order to integrate their fantastic technology with a series of web builds we are currently operating. They have been incredibly helpful, answering any questions we have had throughout the process. Their team of well informed and polite staff have been a reliable asset to the project throughout both development and launch and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Tom Goldthorpe,
Creative Producer at Gravity Thinking

“We were glad that an online product like Visage Technologies was on the market when we needed it the most. It was mandatory for the ALS Liga to be able to show what is was like to have ALS without having to install hardware. It made our idea a success and we hope to spread the awareness while people are experiencing ALS.”

Marc Vander Heyden,
Creative at Publicis Brussels

“The team at Visage are professional and easy to work with, striving to meet our product requirements at every turn. Our search for a suitable face tracking and analysis provider put Visage on top every time. The easy integration and usability has reduced our development time and enabled us to achieve a superior result. When we first decided to search for a solution, we knew exactly what we needed.”

Craig Moody,
Co-founder of Snappadoodle

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