Realistic makeup

Users can try out makeup products straight from their phone, including lipstick, mascara, foundation, blush and more. This makes their buying decisions much easier, especially while online shopping.


Customize the try-on to reflect the recognizable look and feel of your brand. Use your brand’s logo and visual identity, promote your current products, and choose the app functionalities your customers will appreciate.

Works on all devices

visage|SDK is extremely lightweight so it can run smoothly on any device. Users can switch between different products and looks in seconds, enjoying a flawless customer experience.

Realistic presentation of your
products – anytime, anywhere

No matter if it’s a smart mirror in your store or a customized mobile application, a virtual makeup try-on is the best way to offer your customers a great shopping experience. Your customers get the most realistic presentation of your products in seconds.

  • Customers can try out dozens of products instantly – no need to clean up or interact with shop assistants
  • Your virtual try on is where your customers are – on their phones, in your stores or on your website.

Maintain the recognizable look
and feel of your brand

Having a chance to try on products makes buying decisions
much easier, especially when it comes to online shopping.
Help customers do even more with entire makeup looks,
recommended products, social media sharing and more.

  • Request custom features and create an amazing virtual experience on the platform of your choice
  • Promote your products more efficiently