Virtual makeup try-on

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hyper-realistic virtual makeup simulator.

Arbelle: Realistic beauty AR technology

Virtual makeup try-on for your brand

Create a virtual makeup try-on that acts like a virtual mirror, showcasing your products in an interactive, personalized way.

  • Realistic


    With a simple camera, users can try on a wide range of makeup products in real time, such as foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and more, which makes their buying decisions much easier.

  • customizable


    Customize your virtual makeup try-on to reflect the recognizable look & feel of your brand. Use a simple yet powerful product digitalization editor to create faithful virtual representations of your products customers can explore in real time.

  • Experience


    makeup|SDK is extremely lightweight so it can run smoothly on any device. Users can switch between different products and looks in seconds, enjoying a flawless customer experience on the broadest range of devices.

Realistic product representation – anytime, anywhere

Showcase your products on all channels

Whether you’re building a makeup app, upgrading your e-commerce website, or powering a smart mirror in your store, a virtual makeup try-on will help you create the optimal digital experience of any real-life product.

  • Your virtual try-on is where your customers are – on their phones, in your stores, or on your website.
  • Customers can try out dozens of products instantly – no need to clean up or interact with shop assistants.
How can beauty AR help your brand?
Virtual makeup try on software
Realistic virtual makeup filters
Personalized makeup experience for every customer

Stand out on the market

Instant face tracking, mixing colors in real-time, and clever touch-ups work together to make virtual products look as realistic as possible.

This empowers your customers with a truly engaging and personalized virtual makeup try-on experience. They can explore different makeup products, create favorite looks, enjoy custom product recommendations, and more.

Delight customers with lifelike virtual makeup products that perfectly convey your products’ colors, textures, and finishes.

Improve your marketing and sales

Grow sales and decrease returns

59% of customers are more likely to buy products visualized through AR.

Trying before buying not only increases their confidence in buying a product, but also their satisfaction with the purchase. For you, this translates to more sales, less returns and increased customer loyalty.

Introduce custom beauty AI features including customer analytics, product recommendations, skin tone finder, and more.

How to boost your business with beauty AI?
Virtual makeup for brands

Create the perfect virtual makeup experience

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