Robust technology. Optimal performance.

Fast and lightweight

Low data size and memory usage ensure speed, accuracy and precision yet unmatched on the market.

Platform & device independant

Face tracking works smoothly on any device and all major platforms and embedded systems, both online and offline.


visage|SDK does not store images, names or similar personal data by default.

Easy to integrate

Complete integration in no time with the help of our detailed guides and samples and access tracking data on-the-fly anytime via an easy-to-use API.

Real-time face tracking

visage|SDK detects and tracks one or more faces and 99 facial points in images and videos from any standard camera or video file in color, grayscale and near-infrared. For each detected face it returns detailed face data including:

  • 2D and 3D head pose and facial points coordinates (chin tip, nose tip, lip corners etc.)
  • A set of action units describing the current facial expressions (e.g. jaw drop)
  • 3D triangle mesh model of the face in the current pose and expression
  • Further performance optimization using Intel’s OpenVINO


Gaze and eye tracking

Gaze tracking tells you where a person is looking. Combined with face analysis, it can help measure visual attention and the influence of specific content on emotions, providing valuable data for marketing research, user studies, commercial testing and more.

  • Real-time gaze direction (vector)
  • 3D and 2D coordinates of the eyes (pupils)
  • Screen-space gaze coordinates (the point on the screen the user is looking at)

Ear tracking

Ear tracking allows you to track 24 additional feature points on ears. It detects and reliably tracks 12 points of each ear in real time. This opens up opportunities for better marketing and shopping experiences, such as virtual earrings try on, facial piercing try on, and more.


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