Iris tracking is a functionality of visage|SDK that provides information about iris diameter in real time. No special hardware is needed – tracking works on most mainstream cameras.

* In our sample applications, iris tracking results are visually presented as an ellipse within each eye.

Use cases

Iris tracking opens up many new possibilities, especially when combined with gaze and eye tracking. Some of the use cases include:

  • Virtual contact lenses try on

Virtual contact lenses try-on enables your potential customer to easily explore your products. Whether it’s a smart mirror or tablet in your store, or an application they can access from the comfort of their home, virtual try on allows them to try on and buy your products with ease.

Virtual colored contact lenses try on
  • Eye effects

Digital face masks can transform people into pretty much anything in seconds. To make face masks more realistic or simply more entertaining, you can easily introduce various eye effects. Change iris color, appearance or shape and create a unique experience.

  • Other

Use visage|SDK to integrate iris tracking yourself or let our team build a custom solution for you.