Market research technologies: eye tracking, emotion recognition and more

Market research helps you understand your target audience and learn how to better connect with them. Such insights can have major benefits for your business – from building better strategies to optimizing ads, content, products, media spend, and more. With market research technologies based on computer vision, you can get the relevant data in a faster and easier way.

Market research technologies

The beauty of AI lies in the fact that it significantly simplifies things. In other words, market research can now be carried out remotely, with as little effort as possible. All the participants need is a camera – a default component of today’s devices. Computer vision technologies – face and eye tracking, emotion recognition, gender and age estimation, and more – handle the rest.

It’s a simple, cost-efficient and convenient way to get to know the most important people in your business – your customers – and make sure provide the customer experience that meets their expectations.

Learn how to attract attention

Human attention is limited and getting harder to capture. Eye tracking lets you analyze what people tend to look at, when, and for how long. This allows you to better understand their thinking and decision-making processes. More precisely, it helps you pinpoint the ad formats, layouts, content etc., that are most likely to be successful.

With FaceTrack, you get real-time information on gaze direction, eye closure, 3D eyes coordinates, screen-space gaze coordinates (approximating the point on the screen the user is looking at), and more.

Eye tracking software features

Find out what emotionally engages your audience

It’s a well-known fact that successful marketing is based on emotions. By understanding what emotionally engages your target audience, you can learn how to create better, more relevant content and optimize your advertising spend.

With FaceAnalysis, you can recognize emotions as soon as they happen. This allows you to measure emotional responses to content, ads, products, and more in real time. Furthermore, you can rely on age and gender recognition to find out how different genders and age groups react to specific content and communicate more efficiently.

Data tailored to your needs

Our technology is easy to integrate into your existing application. It allows you to build the functionalities you truly need and carry out reliable market research. You can also rely on us for custom development – our experienced team will deliver a turnkey solution fully customized for your needs.

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