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visage SDK demo
Face tracking, analysis & recognition

visage|SDK demo

Try out the main functionalities of visage|SDK live:

  • Face detection and tracking of 151 facial points
  • Eye gaze tracking
  • Face analysis including age, gender, and emotion estimation
  • Face recognition

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Virtual makeup technology

makeup|SDK demo

Unveil a real-time virtual makeup try-on experience that’s as real as it gets using our innovative makeup|SDK.

In our demo, we offer you a glimpse into a multitude of AR beauty features. Discover a new dimension of showcasing makeup and connect with us to activate your free trial.

  • Bring your products to life across platforms.
  • Encourage buying desicions with a mirror-like virtual makeup simulator.
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makeup SDK demo
Discover some of the many possibilities of our technology

Specialized demos

Glasses try-on

Demonstrates a real-time virtual glasses try-on.

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Unity tracker

Demonstrates face tracking and virtual glasses in Unity.

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Gaze tracker

Demonstrates online screen-space gaze tracking.

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