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Harness the power of the world’s
leading face tracking AI.

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World’s best face tracking AI

Supercharge your vision-based applications with unmatched face tracking technology, and enjoy:

  • Real-time tracking of multiple faces in input videos or images
  • 2D and 3D head pose estimation
  • Precise coordinates of 151 facial feature points (e.g., chin tip, nose tip, lip corners, mouth contour, chin pose, eyebrow contours, ears, irises, etc.)
  • Fitted 3D face model
  • Eye closure and eye rotation (gaze direction)
  • Instant tracking initialization upon detecting a visible face
  • Image denoising feature that additionally reduces jitter
  • Robust recovery capabilities, effectively handling occlusions, face turning away, and the presence of tracked individuals entering and exiting the scene.
  • Lightweight technology, enabling superior performance across a wide range of supported platforms.

Available for all major platforms and embedded systems

Mac OS X
Raspberry Pi

FaceTrack inputs

FaceTrack combines compatibility, precision, and adaptability, ensuring that your facial tracking projects are not only versatile but also highly tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Platforms

    Supports all standard camera types

    Whether you’re using webcams, mobile phone cameras, or working with various video file formats, FaceTrack seamlessly integrates with your preferred camera sources.

  • Intuitive

    Wide head-pose range

    Track faces with impressive rotations—up to 90 degrees of yaw, 90 degrees of roll, and 30 degrees of pitch—providing comprehensive coverage in any scenario.

  • Students

    Configurable face search range

    Tailor your tracking experience by defining the minimum and maximum face sizes for detection and tracking, giving you full control over the precision of your results.

  • Eye tracking academic research

    Versatile image tracking

    From vibrant color images to subtle grayscale and even near-infrared imagery, FaceTrack adapts to your diverse tracking needs.

  • 3D eye tracking icon

    Sustainable tracking

    Achieve sustainable tracking even on small faces, as compact as 30×30 pixels, ensuring you never miss a detail.

  • Flexibility

    Extensive tracking distances

    For instance, in the case of a 1920×1080 resolution webcam like the Logitech C920, the tracker can be adjusted to identify and follow faces at up to 7.25 meters from the camera, though this might result in certain performance compromises.

FaceTrack outputs

The tracker offers an easy-to-use API for accessing the tracking data on the fly during tracking operations, including:

  • 3D head pose (translation and rotation)
  • Facial feature coordinates in global 3D space, relative to the head or in 2D image space. The feature points are specified according to the MPEG-4 FBA standard.
  • Eye closure and 3D gaze direction (gaze vector)
  • Screen-space gaze coordinates (the point where the user is looking on the screen), achieved with a short calibration.
  • Action Units set (including jaw drop, lips stretch, brow raise, and more) describing current facial expressions.
  • 3D model of the face in the current pose and expression, presented as a single textured 3D triangle mesh; facilitating applications such as face masking and filtering.

Tailor the tracker to your needs

Customizing face tracking is easy with our user-friendly configuration files that offer a wide range of parameters. These configuration files allow you to fine-tune the tracker’s behavior to suit your particular needs. The default configuration files cover:

  • Facial features tracking configuration
  • Head tracking configuration

Additionally, we provide expert consulting and custom development services to meet your specific requirements in terms of precision, performance, and more.

Here’s how we can help
Face tracking AI
Custom development

Kickstart your project with detailed documentation

Easily customize the tracker to your specific application with user-friendly configuration files including:

  • Fine-tuning for performance optimization, balancing precision and speed.
  • Smoothing filters to reduce noise in tracking results.
  • Image denoising feature for additional jitter reduction.
  • Full control over the internal 3D head model used by the tracker, including the animation rig.

Request a comprehensive Technical Specification Brochure to learn more about the measurements related to accuracy, performance, code size, data size, and memory usage.

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