Acep TryLive: Virtual glasses try-on for web and retail
  • Client:

    Acep Group

  • Technology:

    Face tracking

  • Use case:

    Real-time virtual glasses try-on

About ACEP

Acep TryLive belongs to the Acep group, which has been producing innovative sales-assistance solutions using new technologies for over 20 years. Their product visualization and virtual try-on solutions for retail, e-commerce, and brand marketing simplify the day-to-day operations for opticians. Building on over a decade of augmented reality experience and unique patented technologies, TryLive enables enhanced and social shopping experiences at home, in store and on the go.

Building a virtual glasses try-on

Acep wanted to develop a virtual glasses try-on solution that would complement the opticians’ expertise and help customers visualize products. To get there, Acep used our face tracking technology.

FaceTrack detects and tracks 99 facial points in real time, allowing the glasses model to be accurately applied almost instantly. Real-time tracking also ensures that the desired product stays in place even when the user moves their head. This ensures the optimal user experience, allowing the virtual glasses try-on to be realistic and easy to use, almost like a mirror. 

FaceTrack works locally on any device, even with no Internet connection, which is especially important for in-store solutions. Furthermore, it’s quick and lightweight, so it can run smoothly on a wide variety of devices, including smartphones. It delivers great results with a broad range of cameras and resolutions. In other words, customers can easily find out how a desired product suits them using any standard camera.

Finally, visage|SDK comes with a detailed development guide, lots of customization options and excellent technical support. This makes the integration into custom solutions, such as TryLive, quick and easy.

Glasses shopping 2.0

Thanks to its HTML5 web technology, Acep TryLive works perfectly on modern platforms, including personal computers, tablets and smartphones. Customers can try out various frames anytime, anywhere, with no need to download an app, take selfies, or follow complicated steps. All they need is a simple camera – everything else is automated.

TryLive is also used on tablets or on digital screens in stores to enhance the overall shopping experience. As soon as a customer approaches the digital terminal, the virtual frame fitting experience begins. Customers can try the desired frames on, take selfies, and share their photos on social networks.

Acep TryLive offers customers a realistic product presentation in seconds. It’s used by a growing number of forward-looking retailers and brands to increase conversions and purchase confidence, reduce return rates, and increase customer loyalty. It has proven itself a valuable tool for providing a personalized, holistic approach to glasses shopping which can truly make a difference for both customers and brands.

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