Visage|SDK is ideal for any project – it’s lightweight, easy to integrate, cross-platform and optimized even for low-end devices.

Unity support

Create face masks or make your own games using the out-of-the-box integration of our face-tracking technology with Unity, a cross-platform game engine.


Use visage|SDK to create engaging experiences such as entertainment apps, virtual try-ons, AR video chat, AR photobooth filters, marketing campaigns and more.

Reliable face tracking

visage|SDK tracks 99 facial points in real time. This allows you to apply face filters or avatars to a face mesh that allows it to move in accordance with user’s facial expressions.

  • Real-time face detection and tracking
  • 2D & 3D facial landmark estimation
  • 3D facial mesh output
  • Facial expression analysis

3D face masking and video filtering

Deliver incredible live effects including 3D face placement, face painting, face swapping or face masking – either from video or live from your phone or webcam. Using visage|SDK, you can bring a wide range of interesting applications to life:

  • Modify faces or add virtual accessories
  • Swap faces with friends or celebrities
  • Control facial expressions of 3D digital characters

Engage audience with creative face masks