Robust eye tracking technology

Access comprehensive eye and gaze data in real time with a single API.

3D eye tracking

Get real-time data on 2D and 3D coordinates of the eyes (pupils) of one or multiple subjects. The tracker also returns a fitted 3D model of the entire face and keeps track of actions such as eye closure and eye rotation.

Eye gaze tracking

Track gaze direction instantly, without restricting your subjects with glasses or VR headsets. Eye gaze tracking works with any standard camera, even in challenging conditions (such as occasional occlusions, face turning away, the subject leaving and coming back, etc.).

Screen-space gaze point

Track the screen-space gaze point after performing a simple calibration. This is particularly valuable for marketing research, user studies and other applications that benefit from knowing where (approximately) on the screen the user is looking.

Eye tracking software features

Cutting-edge eye tracking software

Our eye tracking SDK provides real-time information on eye movement and closure, gaze direction, 3D and 2D coordinates of the eyes (pupils), and iris radius.

This helps pinpoint where a person is looking in order to understand what attracts (and holds) their attention.

Integrate eye tracking into an existing application or create a custom solution on the platform of your choice. It provides both powerful performance and the flexibility to support your specific needs.


Integrate eye tracking into any application – from small, mobile apps to large eye-tracking solutions.


Kickstart your project faster with ready-made samples and comprehensive documentation.


Instantly track eye movements of one or multiple persons with a single camera.


Build your app on the platform of your choice and customize the tracker to meet your needs.


Enjoy robust eye tracking with any standard camera.

Get the complete picture

Eye tracking is a part of our face tracking SDK, which provides comprehensive face movement data. It’s an extremely valuable tool for monitoring where people place their attention.

However, you can get even deeper insights by combining eye tracking with face analysis. Track subjects’ emotions when exposed to a specific stimuli, recognize their age and gender, identify them with automated face recognition, and more.

One SDK. Infinite applications.

Clients from various industries rely on our eye tracking software to collect objective, real-time eye movement data.


Ensure in-cabin safety by monitoring drivers’ focus and attentiveness.


Improve robot control and human-robot interactions with eye movement tracking.


Keep track of student engagement and interest, and protect exam integrity.


Find out what works – from ad positions, content and packaging to websites, products and user interfaces.


Monitor what draws shoppers’ attention in stores to understand how they make their buying decisions.


Monitor eye movements and gaze paths to understand people’s attention, cognition and behavior better.


Create gaze-controlled interfaces and communication systems.


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Get started with eye tracking

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Eye tracking is the process of observing and measuring eye movement. It helps us pinpoint where a person is looking in order to understand what attracts and holds their attention. This is crucial for improving user experiences and gathering useful business insights.

Our eye tracking is part of FaceTrack – advanced face tracking software. It’s available for all major platforms and embedded systems.

This includes: Windows, Ubuntu,  HTML5, Android, iOS, RedHat, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi, Ambarella, and Xilinx.

Our technology can be used for various applications such as driver monitoring, user research, exam proctoring, marketing campaigns, and more.

For example, Škoda used our eye tracking software in their marketing campaign to measure which car model attracted more attention. Eye square has integrated it into their human experience research tools that help brands understand their customers better. It has also helped improve human-machine interactions in robotics.

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