The glasses are positioned to best fit the face as soon as a face is detected. You can move your head to see how they fit from a different angle – they always stay on thanks to the best-in-class face tracking.


Customers get a realistic idea of how they would look like with a specific pair of glasses in the easiest way possible. All they need is a web camera – our software does the rest.


Let customers try on your products anytime, anywhere. This way, they can order their favorite pair online guilt-free or come to your store prepared, knowing exactly what they want.

Glasses & colored lenses try-on

Let customers try on a wide selection of your products including glasses, sunglasses and colored contact lenses, making purchase decisions easier for them.

  • Photo-realistic try-on experience
  • Fast and easy try-on using camera only

Applications and smart mirrors

Virtual eyewear try on can be a desktop or mobile application, but it’s also fully compatible with in-store smart mirrors for customers who want to check out different styles without the hassle of trying multiple pairs, or for kiosk applications where it’s inconvenient to place psychical products but you still want to show off your brand.

  • Optimal try-on experience
  • Expanded market reach
  • Less pressure on your sales assistants

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