VirTry: A virtual fitting room for glasses and headphones

Thanks to online shopping, almost any product we desire can be ours in just a few clicks. However, when it comes to fashion items, customers still tend to hesitate before buying. That is understandable knowing that we want to make sure something looks good on us before we ease our wallets. DMR solved this problem by creating a virtual fitting room.

About the client

DMR, originally a specialty store for imported vinyl records, had a special place in the Japanese music retail industry since 1988. In 2011, it switched its core business from records to music equipment, following the ever-changing trends in the music industry. Today, DMR continues to evolve not only as a distributor of premium audio brands, but also as a provider of innovative web services and mobile applications. Following the latest trends in retail and technology, DMR created VirTry – a virtual try-on for glasses and headphones.

Powering a virtual try-on with FaceTrack

VirTry is a mobile application that lets users try on a range of glasses and headphones. At the very heart of the app is the face detection and tracking technology developed by Visage Technologies.

FaceTrack is able to detect and track 99 facial points in real time. VirTry uses it to detect user’s facial features, such as their face outline and the position of their eyes and nose. This lets the app properly position 3D items and stickers right away. As the user moves their head around, the tracker follows relentlessly. This way, each product can be presented as realistically as possible from various angles.

Another reason why DMR chose FaceTrack lies in the fact that it’s extremely lightweight. It can run smoothly on all devices, including smartphones, ensuring the optimal user experience. Finally, FaceTrack comes with detailed documentation and integration guide, so it’s easy to integrate.

Making shopping convenient

All that is needed to get started with VirTry is a smartphone with a camera. The setup is easy and doesn’t require any measurements or data entry. In just a few clicks, users can see how various products fit them.

Users can compare a wide range of designs and colors through virtual fitting of realistic 3D glasses and headphones. They can browse through the collection, create a list of their favorites and compare different products side-to-side. Thanks to precise tracking and realistic 3D models, the try-on feels almost like looking in the mirror. Users can also take selfies and share them with their friends on social media. 

VirTry is a great way to effortlessly discover new favorite products. Users don’t have to visit a physical store, communicate with salespeople or feel pressure to decide on the spot. VirTry gives them an easier, more convenient alternative to finding their new favorite products from the comfort of their home.

“Among not many solutions offering very precise, yet lightweight face-tracking technology, visage|SDK turned out to be the best.

Besides the quality of face-tracking being one of the highest in the industry, Visage Technologies shows its serious commitment to keep improving its core functionalities and even extending its capability (e.g., recent additions of iris tracking, ear tracking etc.), as we can see from their active timeline of product updates.

Furthermore, their dedicated customer care related to license management and technical support has been another significant factor for us.”

Kazuhiro Mori, Chief IT / Logistics Strategist at DMR co.