Clever Life: Virtual contact lenses try-on for easy and safe shopping

Putting on a pair of colored contact lenses is a quick and easy way to change your appearance. However, it’s hard to find the perfect fit without trying them on first. To make that process easier and safer, Clever Life developed a virtual contact lenses try-on.

The easier and safer way to try on contact lenses

Clever Life is a custom development company with a proven record of creating high-quality mobile applications and back-end platforms. The company prides itself on improving human lives with technology.

Clever Life’s client, Formosa Optical, is the leading glasses chain in Taiwan. Their product assortment includes contact lenses which, similarly to glasses, customers prefer to try on before buying.

However, trying on contact lenses the traditional way is far from perfect. Firstly, trying on physical contacts takes a lot of time, especially for inexperienced customers. Furthermore, it can sometimes lead to bacterial infections. Finally, one-time abandonment increases costs for the stores since they need to discard used lenses.

To avoid such issues, Clever Life relied on deep learning and AI. They developed a virtual colored lenses try-on that makes finding the perfect lenses faster, easier and safer.

Getting reliable face and iris data

To be truly helpful and valuable to customers, the virtual lenses try-on had to be as realistic as possible. It had to make the customers feel almost as if they were looking in the mirror.

To achieve that, Clever Life needed face tracking technology that was quick and reliable. After reviewing several face tracking providers, visage|SDK clearly stood out. Its specialized module – FaceTrack – proved to be the perfect basis for creating a realistic, user-friendly virtual lenses try-on.

Since it’s extremely lightweight and quickly detects faces, FaceTrack allows customers to try on the desired products instantaneously. It tracks 99 facial points in real time, including irises. This is crucial for ensuring a realistic and natural effect. As the customer moves their head and eyes, the lenses move accordingly as well.

Furthermore, FaceTrack is available on a wide range of platforms, including iOS. It works on any camera in real time which creates a mirror-like experience. No Internet connection is required – the tracker always works.  To make it easier to kickstart your project, the SDK comes with detailed documentation and samples.

Finally, visage|SDK has a proven track record of client satisfaction. It has successfully powered various virtual try-on solutions for years. Besides contact lenses, it has been used to virtually apply makeup, glasses, headphones, and more.

The data provided by FaceTrack enabled Clever Life to develop a try-on solution that accurately and realistically applies digital products to customer’s faces in real time.

Virtual contact lenses try-on in practice

The virtual colored lenses try-on developed by Clever Life was introduced across Formosa Optical stores, allowing their customers to virtually try on their products in seconds.

Trying on a pair of contact lenses is extremely simple. Customers face the tablet’s camera and select the contact lenses they want to try on. That’s it – the contact lenses try-on does the rest, showcasing the desired product on the customer’s face right away. It’s a huge difference compared to the average of 6 minutes it takes for customers to try on a single physical lens.

After clicking on the lenses, the customer can also view more information about them, including power, water content, and price. They can easily switch between different lens models and even take a photo to share with their friends.

This process makes buying decisions much easier for customers. It’s not only simple and quick but also safe since it’s completely contactless. For retailers, it eliminates one-time abandonment costs and minimizes pressure on their staff.

The obvious benefits of virtual try-ons have encouraged many retailers to create holistic virtual experiences, especially during the pandemic. The trend is here to stay, and Clever Life’s virtual contact lenses try-on will help pave its way among the retailers.

If you want to develop a virtual try-on for your business or explore our technology with a free evaluation license, get in touch.