Driver monitoring

Create a better and safer in-cabin experience.

Better and safer in-cabin experience

AI-powered driver monitoring

Human error is the cause of most car accidents. Our technology helps detect potentially dangerous behavior to help the driver reach their destination safely.

  • Face tracking

    Driver tracking

    Track head pose, eyes and eye closure, gaze direction, and more to monitor the driver’s focus and attentiveness.

  • Face analysis

    Driver analysis

    Monitor facial expressions to detect signs of anger, fear and other emotions that can affect the driver’s perception.

  • Face recognition

    Driver recognition

    Identify drivers and occupants to protect the vehicle and personalize car settings such as mirrors and seat position, heating, music, and more.

Driver monitoring
Minimize risks while driving

Real-time driver monitoring

Get the complete picture of drivers’ states and moods with smart face tracking and analysis algorithms. Detect anger, inattentiveness, tiredness and more in order to address critical safety concerns on time.

  • Monitor head pose, gaze, facial gestures, and more
  • Estimate age, gender and emotions
  • Enjoy reliable tracking even in challenging conditions
What makes a DMS reliable?
Improve safety and comfort

In-cabin face recognition

Introduce driver biometrics to provide a safer and truly personalized experience.

  • Prevent car theft and automatically adjust car settings to the preferences of current occupants.
  • Authorize drivers and avoid potential driver switch while the vehicle is running.
  • Personalize in-cabin experiences including lighting, heating, seat position, content recommendations, and more.
Why bring face recognition in the cabin?
Driver face recognition
Occupant monitoring
Occupant detection and monitoring

Passenger monitoring

Keeping an eye on the entire cabin opens up many opportunities for improvement when it comes to passengers’ safety and comfort.

By combining the information on passengers’ gender, age, relative position, etc., the system can adjust the car’s safety and entertainment features.


Real-time data provides endless personalization opportunities.

How to improve the in-cabin experience?
Custom development
SDK designed to meet your needs

Powerful yet flexible technology

visage|SDK was built to provide excellent performance on all platforms. Let our team develop a custom solution for you or enjoy complete flexibility while building your own AI-powered solutions.

  • Proprietary technology developed for 20+ years
  • Experienced in-house R&D team
  • Custom development of new features or entire solutions per request
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