Child occupant protection in cars using age estimation

Child safety is every parent’s priority but today’s hectic schedules can sometimes spread them too thin. Luckily, new technologies have our back in most daily tasks, helping us stay focused on what really matters. When it comes to child safety in cars, computer vision plays a big role but car manufacturers can now go one step further using the latest age estimation technology.

Child occupant protection in cars

Cameras equipped with computer vision algorithms are increasingly being used in modern cars. In most cases, such cameras face the driver in order to monitor their attention levels while driving. However, monitoring passengers can help significantly improve in-cabin safety and convenience, too. Among the valuable technologies used for this purpose, age estimation stands out as a valuable asset when it comes to child safety in cars.

Age estimation algorithms map out dozens of facial landmarks on a person’s face, such as the location of their pupils, eye corners, lip boundaries, etc. Since those landmarks change over time, it’s possible to estimate the person’s age based on their current appearance. Then, if a child is detected inside the vehicle, the system can trigger appropriate actions, depending on the current situation.

For example, if the system detects an unattended child in the car, it can notify its parents. Leaving children unattended can lead to hot car deaths and hyperthermia, so age estimation provides an extra layer of safety for the kids and a piece of mind for their parents.

Age estimation can also prevent minors from starting the car while unattended (or at all). Combined with face recognition, the system can go one step further and, for example, recognize the minors with a driving license and allow them to start the car when there is an adult present.

Knowing the age of the passengers helps make their ride not only safer, but also more comfortable. For example, the system can automatically adjust the seats and temperature, block content that is not kid-friendly, remind the driver about the necessary safety measures (such as child seat belt) and much more.

Making cars smarter and safer

Computer vision algorithms that estimate people’s age have been used across industries for years. The automotive industry is starting to see their value, too. By using age estimation, modern cars can be made safer and more convenient than ever, especially for the most vulnerable group of passengers – children.

If you’d like to explore the vast opportunities of age estimation for your business, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to discuss your specific use case and provide you with a free evaluation license so that you can try out our technology yourself.