Age detectionUsing face detection or tracking, our FaceAnalysis algorithms are able to provide you with an approximate age of the person, by extracting information from photographs and mapping out a series of facial landmarks.

How does age detection work? These landmarks – such as the location of the pupils, eye corners, lip boundaries, eyebrow edges etc. – change with age, and the computer can estimate the age based on how the face changes and shifts with aging.

Age detection has lots of application fields both in industry and research. For example, marketing researchers can use the age detection information for better content or shelf positioning, and webmasters or marketing experts can use it to target users with age-specific ads or content. Age detection is usable for potential restrictions to target the content only to a certain audience, or you can, for example, use it in combination with our FaceTrack and HeadTrack products to track the users’ activity and monitor their health according to their age.

Check out our FaceAnalysis package and see what the computer thinks how old you are, along with additional emotion and gender estimation!