FaceAnalysis uses advanced machine learning techniques for real-time gender recognition. Use gender recognition software to target your products, content or ads to a specific gender.

How does gender recognition work?

There are certain features in human faces that distinguish male faces from female ones, since the testosterone changes the male face away from the female pattern during puberty.

Male noses are longer and wider, while female ones are shorter, narrower and more concave in profile. Males tend to have flatter cheekbones, while women have rounder ones. Male lips tend to be thinner, and the distance between the base of the nose and the top lip is larger for males than for females.

Furthermore, male foreheads tend to be higher and wider and slope backward, and their eyebrows tend to have a straight shape and be positioned lower, while female ones are arched and positioned higher. Due to the brow ridge, male eyes appear more deeply set, and their eyelids are slightly closed, which makes the eyes narrower. To continue, female jaws are shorter, and male ones are sharper, more squared and have a flat end rather than a point.

Our gender recognition software takes into account those and hundreds of other similar parameters to estimate whether the person is male or female.

Get started with gender recognition software

Gender estimation can be used in various application fields to target the content to a specific gender, especially in marketing and retail. For example, marketing researchers and webmasters can use gender estimation to target their products, ads, content or shelf placement towards a specific gender.

Check out FaceAnalysis to see how gender estimation works, along with our emotion and age estimation. To find out how to use gender recognition to grow your business or discuss your business idea, get in touch.