Face Recognition

Robust and scalable facial recognition software for verification and access control.

Identify & verify people

Cutting-edge face recognition software

Face recognition SDK provides fast and accurate results for identification, identity verification, access control, and personalization.

  • Lightweight SDK


    FaceRecognition is a top performer in NIST benchmarks when it comes to speed and accuracy. Low data size and memory usage ensure great performance, even on edge computing devices.

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  • Platforms


    FaceRecognition runs smoothly on any device. It’s available for all major platforms and embedded systems, including Windows, Ubuntu, HTML5, iOS, Android, RedHat, Xilinx, Raspberry Pi, OS X, and Ambarella.

  • Easy integration

    Easy to integrate

    Detailed documentation and samples perfected during two decades of in-house research and development make it easy for you to kick-start your project.

Face recognition technology
Real-time & accurate

How face recognition works

Our face recognition software is based on face descriptors – unique arrays of numbers that describe faces.

In real time, it calculates the similarity between the face descriptor of the newly detected face and all the previously enrolled descriptors.

You get quick and accurate results with any standard camera, including devices with resource constraints.

  • Instantly detects and analyzes faces
  • Works with images, videos or live feed
  • Anti-spoofing liveness detection available

Exclusive data control

FaceRecognition doesn’t store, process or transmit personal information such as images or names, giving you full control over data.

All biometric templates are exclusively mathematical representations of users’ faces, strictly separating biometric and personal information. They cannot be exported or reverse-engineered to their original format.

This way of handling data ensures the highest level of privacy, even when dealing with extremely sensitive data.

Face recognition verification
Face recognition for access control
Customizable technology

Powerful yet flexible SDK

Protect your data and premises, better understand your target audience, improve user experiences, and more. All you need is one SDK.

Use face recognition to improve:

  • Surveillance and access control,
  • Time and attendance tracking,
  • Driver and passenger recognition,
  • Customer/target audience analytics, and more.
Explore common use cases
Unparalleled opportunities

Introduce unique functionalities

Besides improving security, face recognition also facilitates personalization and provides valuable insights for your business.

You can combine it with complementary computer vision technologiesface tracking, eye gaze tracking, emotion recognition, age and gender estimation, and more – to acquire relevant data that can help you create better products and services.

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Face recognition business insights
Built for your success

Get to market faster

Build a face recognition system that meets your every need with cutting-edge face recognition technology.

Integrate our face recognition yourself, or rely on our experienced Research & Development team to build a custom turnkey solution for you. Take advantage of our:

  • 100% proprietary technology & in-house R&D center
  • Hands-on experience on projects across industries
  • Transparent, client-centric approach
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Face recognition use cases

Start building your face recognition solution

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