Real-time<br>face recogntition

face recogntition

Identify and verify people in
seconds to provide them with
the quality service they deserve. Facilitate secure financial transactions, eliminate waiting queues at events, monitor attendance, control access, and more.

Liveness detection

Liveness detection

Face spoof attacks aim to deceive a face recognition system by using a substitute for another’s person’s face such as their photo,video or a 3D mask. Liveness detection makes sure that the person in front of the camera is real.



visage|SDK is flexible and easy to integrate into your existing solution. In case you need a custom solution for you specific business needs, our development team can build one for you.

Monitor access to
specific areas

Specific areas are more prone to threats. They include schools, large gatherings such as concerts, sensitive areas, and more. To make sure they are protected, facial biometrics monitors all attendees and lets you know when a suspicious individual appears.

  • Prevent retail crime by identifying people with a shoplifting history as soon as they enter
  • Protect crowded areas such as schools, concerts, conferences etc. from threats

Protect your clients’
valuable data

With a quality facial biometrics system, our faces become our most reliable password. It also allows us to access products and services faster.

  • Unlock devices or apps using the best password – your face
  • Enjoy secure and fast transactions
  • Access sensitive areas

Improve your services with facial biometrics