Ensure bulletproof identification and verification

Reliable technology

Real-time face recognition technology

FaceRecognition is a robust and scalable face recognition solution that provides quick and accurate results for surveillance, identification and identity verification.

  • Fast and accurate face recognition

    Fast and accurate

    Identify and verify people in seconds to provide them with the quality service they deserve. Facilitate secure financial transactions, eliminate waiting queues at events, monitor attendance, control access, and more.

  • Biometrics liveness detection

    Liveness detection

    Face spoof attacks aim to deceive a face recognition system by using a substitute for another’s person’s face such as their photo,video or a 3D mask. Liveness detection makes sure that the person in front of the camera is real.

  • Customizable


    visage|SDK is flexible and easy to integrate into your existing solution. In case you need a custom solution for you specific business needs, our development team can build one for you.

Biometric access control
Access control

Monitor access to specific areas

Face recognition is most often used for granting or denying people access to physical locations, like buildings or rooms. By comparing each visitor to a database of authorized individuals, the system can recognize if someone has the permission to enter. 

This can also be used along with other security measures, like ID cards or fingerprint scanners.

Data security

Protect valuable data

With a quality facial biometric system, the face becomes our most reliable password. This helps protect sensitive data, and ensures a faster and easier access to products and services.

  • Unlock devices, products or applications
  • Enjoy secure and fast transactions
  • Access restricted buildings or areas
biometrics privacy protection
Face recognition for biometrics
Face recognition technology that meets your needs

Build better and smarter products

Facial biometric is mostly used to ensure a higher level of security, but it can be applied to various business areas. Rely on face recognition to improve advertising, get a better picture of your customers, track attendance, eliminate queues at events, and more.


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