actiMirror: Smart mirror experience for children
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    Face masks

About client

actiMirror Corp. specializes in building smart mirrors that provide interactive customer experiences in offline locations. actiMirror is the new generation of smart mirrors which delivers data analytics and targeted media content for the retail, hospitality and real estate industries.

Business challenge

actiMirror Corp. wanted to provide a fun experience for children visiting shopping centers with their parents. They wanted to implement creative face masks kids could try out. Besides face masks creation, they also needed a kid-friendly user interface which children could easily use themselves.


actiMirror chose Visage Technologies because we had the technology and resources to provide exactly what they needed:

  • visage|SDK is very lightweight and fast, ensuring the optimal user experience.
  • Human faces, including 99 facial landmarks, are accurately detected and tracked, so face masks can be accurately applied even in more challenging angles.
  • visageISDK is available on all major platforms and embedded systems, including Android on which actiMirror is based.
  • visage|SDK is fully compatible with the rapidly growing smart mirror market and various applications built for them.
  • Our custom development service allows our clients to get a solution tailored to their needs quickly. This is very important when it comes to projects on a very short deadline, which was the case with actiMirror.


Through a close cooperation with actiMirror, our team designed and implemented 6 unique face masks: wolf, tiger, princess, pirate, fireman and angel. We also developed a kid-friendly user interface.

The application was implemented into smart mirrors used in shopping stores. It allowed kids to choose between 6 options presented on the mirror. When they tap on the desired option, the selected face mask is applied to their face. The child can easily switch between 6 different masks by tapping on their icons.

The combination of creative face masks and simple user interface allows kids to have fun with the mirror themselves, without any help from their parents.

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