Frames of Life – new immersive experience by Armani

Italian famous fashion label Giorgio Armani has launched his new ‘Frames for Life’ campaign in order to promote 2015 eyewear collection.

By reminding us that our eyes act as windows to the soul, Armani says that these windows deserve beautiful frames. A very emotive and scenic film which you can see below, together with a well-crafted story brings you an interactive experience like no other.

The campaign features five different stories from five different persons who come from different parts of the world. Through the stylized black and white movie, frames of each of these person´s lives are shared: from a horse ranch in Argentina to the rich tradition of Italian coffee.

But the user´s experience only starts there. Through the advanced new website ‘Frames For Life‘, users can navigate the site and explore the collection of eyewear by using nothing more than their eyes. With the help of Visage Technologies face tracking technology, Armani´s new campaign allows a user to cruise through the website by using only their webcam and their eyes.

Frames of Life campaign and its integration with social networks will enable users to immerse themselves even more within Armani’s brand. During their online experience, users will find themselves presented with the opportunity to participate in the campaign by telling about a significant frame from their life, and potentially becoming the sixth character in this visually stunning story.

Using Visage Technologies face tracking technology in a new and innovative way, Armani will surely experience a strong response from its new campaign, as they invite their customers to participate in their campaign by giving them an opportunity to become the sixth person.

Marketing is developing daily and marketers and agencies from all over the world are struggling to find new ways to connect their brands to their target audience. Visage Technologies face tracking and eye tracking technology gives you an opportunity to develop interactive marketing campaigns that will allow your users to easily identify themselves with your brand.

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