[NEWS] visage|SDK 8.4 has just been released!

We’re happy to announce that visage|SDK‘s newest version – visage|SDK 8.4 is now available for download. Many improvements and changes are featured in the newest release: FaceRecognition now features higher accuracy and downsized face descriptors data Gaze tracking vectors accuracy, tracker performance and landmark accuracy is greatly improved Unity plugin now includes face analysis, face recognition and complete tracker […]

Face tracking and analysis now on Raspberry Pi!

From v8.2 stable, visage|SDK supports Raspberry Pi as well, adding it to our largest list of supported platforms in the market. Raspberry Pi, a series of single-board computers, was created with a goal of educating computer science and related subjects. Raspberry Pi also uses the ARM processor architecture, used by most modern mobile phones. These low-cost high-performance computers […]

Introducing 3D face placement and face masks

We are proud to present our new 3D-model mesh, which can be used for an array of applications, such as 3d face placement, face painting, face swapping or face masking, either from video or live from your phone or webcam. Read more to see demo! Check out our other possible solutions and custom development: virtual makeup and virtual glasses try-on!

[NEW RELEASE] visage|SDK 8.5 is now live!

We’re happy to announce that the newest version of visage|SDK – 8.5 is now live and available for download. This release was focused on increasing the tracking precision, mostly during head rotations and challenging backgrounds. The 8.5 release includes the following improvements: * Improved smoothing filter Smoothing of feature points is performed using multiple filters. For still face, higher amount of […]