Our testing and release policy is designed to deliver the constant stream of improvements from our R&D to our clients as quickly as possible, yet without compromising the quality and stability of the product. With that purpose in mind our releases are grouped in two categories: Beta and Stable releases.

Beta releases are produced with greater frequency, every month or two months. Stable releases are published with greater intervals in-between – two or three times a year. Both versions of SDK are safe to use and we encourage our users to use the latest visage|SDK package available. In order to facilitate updates for our clients, we strive to minimize API changes and make sure that each release – Beta or Stable – includes streamlined Migration Notes detailing any changes that could not be avoided.

Both Beta and Stable releases go through a rigorous testing procedure that tests all aspects of the SDK. In order to keep up with the frequent Beta releases, many of our tests are automatized or semi-automatized. The following aspects of the SDK are tested:

  • quality: we test and compare tracker precision and accuracy with previous versions of the SDK using in-house developed tools to represent statistical data in a graphical format
  • functionality: unit-testing framework is used to test legacy functionality, as well as new features of the SDK
  • memory leaks: we use the benefit of having a multi-platform SDK to test for memory leaks across multiple platforms using available tools.

Contact us for our detailed test results and technical specifications.