Vulkan Systems: Implementing face recognition into a biometric access control system
  • Client:

    Vulkan Systems

  • Technology:

    Face recognition

  • Use case:

    Biometric access control system

Security is a priority for organizations of all sizes and industries, and it should start at the very entrance. Controlling access to the organization helps minimize security risks and provide a better experience for clients and employees.

Identifying security risks

Vulkan Systems has operated in the gaming/casino sector for 25 years. Such extensive experience and first-hand insights into the sector helped them identify the recurring problem of access control.

In other words, keeping track of visitors’ identities manually proved to be prone to errors. Those errors include providing access to blacklisted individuals, misidentifying minors as adults, identity fraud, and similar. They might not only compromise the company and its clients but also lead to legal fines and reputational damage.

To ensure a better, easier and faster way of controlling access, Vulkan Systems combined cutting-edge technology with top-notch electronics. They created a powerful biometric access control system that ensures visitors’ authenticity.

Using face recognition to control access

Vulkan System combined different yet complementary identification technologies, such as ID scanning and fingerprint recognition, to provide the highest level of security in line with industry standards. The last piece of the puzzle was face recognition – a technology that would facilitate quick, easy and non-intrusive identification.

The main challenge was to find face recognition software that is reliable enough to be used in a high-security system. It also had to work locally without overloading the system.

Those requirements are exactly what made FaceRecognition stand out in the independent NIST’ Face Recognition Vendor Test (1:1), where it was recognized as one of the fastest and lightest reliable submissions. Vulkan Systems was able to easily validate this in the real world with a free evaluation license.

Our face recognition is extremely lightweight, which allows it to run smoothly even on edge devices. It can work locally, without an internet connection. Finally, it’s available for all major platforms and embedded systems. Detailed documentation and samples make the integration quick and easy.

“Developing a facial recognition software is an enormous challenge by itself. That is why using visage|SDK FaceRecognition – a third party software that performs great on CPU and can be deployed on edge systems – was the best decision.”

Jose Luis Bru, Vulkan Systems
Vulkan Systems face recognition system

Reliable biometric access control

The main purpose of biometric access control is to improve the way clients, employees and operators identify themselves. Vulkan Systems’ autonomous digital system – Hydra – makes this process easy and prevents most known cases of fraud and identity theft.

Equipped with a complete set of high-resolution industrial cameras and advanced neural networks, Hydra ensures quick and easy identification in less than a minute via ID document scanning, fingerprint identification, and frictionless face recognition.

Hydra is the perfect solution for companies and organizations that need reliable and frictionless access control for their clients and employees. Automating access control with cutting-edge technologies improves the overall security of the organization and removes any barriers and unnecessary delays in welcoming customers and employee