FRITT: Standing out at trade shows with AR
  • Client:

    Ludwig Schokolade

  • Technology:

    Face tracking

  • Use case:

    Face filters

About the client

Demodern is an award-winning creative technology studio for digital communication, design, and projects. Established by designers and coders, their passion lies in high-end digital production, interactive storytelling, and excellent user experience design. Their client Ludwig Schokolade – one of the leading confectionery suppliers in Germany – wanted to promote their FRITT chewy candy at trade fairs and other promotional events. To help their booth stand out wherever they go, Demodern developed a truly interactive installation powered by innovative technologies.

Creating an eye-catching experience

To attract the attention of visitors at trade fairs and other promotional events, it’s necessary to stand out and engage them right away. Demodern wanted to create product-inspired face filters that would engage the visitors and connect them with the product. To bring that idea to life, Demodern used FaceTrack.

FaceTrack detects and tracks 99 facial points in real-time, making sure the face filters are always accurately positioned, even when the visitor moves their head. It can track and process multiple faces simultaneously, allowing for both great selfies and fun group photos. Since it’s very lightweight, it ensures great performance without overloading the system. FaceTrack also works locally on device, even without an Internet connection. Finally, our detailed development guide and lots of customization options make the integration quick and easy.

By relying on FaceTrack to detect and track visitors’ faces, Demodern was able to create an eye-catching installation that promotes FRITT chewy candy in a memorable and emotional way.

A unique product promotion

The interactive installation developed by Demodern premiered at the ISM trade fair for sweets and snacks in Cologne, Germany in January 2019. Visitors of Sweets & Snacks Expo, which took place in Chicago in May 2019, could experience the FRITT installation live as well.

The visitors of the Ludwig Schokolade booth were able to explore the city of Frittsburgh through the digital FRITT Wheel of Fortune. The wheel took them to various virtual locations in Frittsburgh, and introduced different flavors of the chewing strips – the FRITT characters. They could then take a selfie with fun stickers and in the look of different characters. Their photo could then be printed out right on the spot for them to keep as a sweet memory.

The installation attracted many visitors, proving to be a great way of brand activation. In the future, the application will be used as an iOS adaptation for promotions at various retail and street events.

Demodern is one of the leading specialists for creative technologies; our credo and philosophy at Demodern is pushing things forward. This, of course, applies to our project for FRITT chewy candy.

We were looking for a high-performance face-tracking software to meet the needs of our installation and the expectations of our client. Visage Technologies was able to meet those needs and fulfill our expectations since the software is able to track a greater number of reference points on a user’s face in comparison to others on the market. The communication and support while implementing the software into our backend code, as well as notifications about an expiring license, were a huge help.

Tim Pflug, Digital Producer at Demodern GmbH