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Intel’s mission is to shape the future of technology to help create a better future for the entire world. By pushing forward in fields like AI, analytics and cloud-to-edge technology, Intel’s work is at the heart of countless innovations. From major breakthroughs like self-driving cars and rebuilding the coral reefs, to things that make everyday life better like blockbuster effects and improved shopping experiences — they’re all powered by Intel technology.

Face tracking plays an important role in user awareness applications and AI-powered solutions. The integration of Intel OpenVINO toolkit with visage|SDK helps harness its full potential. It significantly improves the performance of face tracking, age estimation and face recognition with VNN algorithm on Intel architecture, enabling new and enhanced use cases such as driver monitoring, laptop user awareness, and more.



Ambarella is the leading developer of high-resolution video processing and computer vision semiconductors. Their technologies enable a wide variety of human and computer vision applications, including video security, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), electronic mirrors, driver/cabin monitoring, autonomous driving, and robotic applications.

Ambarella’s system on chips (SoCs) are designed to deliver a combination of video compression, image processing, and computer vision performance with low-power operation to enable cameras to extract data from high-resolution video streams. FaceTrack leverages their performance to offer advanced face tracking capabilities, which is extremely valuable for use cases such as in-cabin sensing.