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Eye and Gaze tracking

FaceTrack provides real time gaze direction, as well as 3D and 2D coordinates of the eyes (pupils).

Gaze tracking

Gaze tracking
Eye and Gaze Tracking in visage|SDK™ is available as a part of Facial Features Tracking.

FaceTrack provides real-time gaze direction, as well as  3D and 2D coordinates of the eyes (pupils). Information is delivered through an easy-to-use API allowing to easily integrate the eye and gaze tracking technology into any application. Eye and gaze tracking is fully automatic.

Furthermore, if a simple calibration is performed prior to a tracking session, results are available in form of screen-space gaze point, particularly useful for marketing research, user studies and other applications that benefit from knowing where (approximately) on the screen the user is looking. For an in-browser demonstration using HTML5 technology, please see our gaze tracker demo.

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