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visage|SDK™ integrates a comprehensive range of computer vision and character animation technologies in an easy-to-use, fully documented Software Development Kit to support a wide area of applications.

visage|SDK™ integrates a comprehensive range of computer vision-based face tracking and analysis technologies in an easy-to-use, fully documented Software Development Kit to support a wide area of application fields. For maximal licensing flexibility, these technologies are available in separately licensed packages:

Package Functionality
FaceTrack Face and facial landmarks/features detection, face tracking, head tracking.
Returns 3D head pose, full face data and gaze tracking.
FaceAnalysis Emotion, gender and age estimation.
FaceRecognition Measures similarity between human faces and recognizes a person’s identity from frontal facial images by comparing it to faces previously stored in a gallery.

Platform support

visage|SDK™ contains sample projects with full source code demonstrating the use of our powerful API for head, gaze, and facial-features tracking and analysis in live or recorded video sequences and images. Comprehensive and meticulously written documentation is available to help developers make the most of our technology in a short time, and support is available from our experienced engineering team.

Testing and Release Policy

We strive to deliver the latest and greatest results from our R&D to our clients extremely quickly, yet without compromising the quality and stability. We achieve this through frequent yet thoroughly tested releases. Contact us for our detailed test results and technical specifications. Read more about our testing and release policy.


Visage Technologies possesses a unique mix of knowledge and experience spanning computer vision and computer graphics. We offer consulting and custom development services to help you make the most of our technology. Our services include customization of our face tracking and analysis products, such as novel features, innovative application fields or new platforms. We customize our products to meet the specific client requirements or develop new ideas to solve your problem.

Bases on our solutions such as virtual makeup and face masking, we propose white-label applications that can be fully customized to our clients’s specific requirements.

Contact us with confidence for any project involving face tracking or analysis!

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