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Custom development services

Visage Technologies possesses a unique mix of knowledge and experience spanning computer vision and computer graphics. We offer consulting and custom development service to help you make the most of our technology. Our services include customization of our face tracking and analysis products, such as novel features, innovative application fields or new platforms. We customize our products to meet the specific client requirements or develop new ideas to solve your problem.

Customized white-label apps

Based on our solutions such as virtual makeup and face masking, we propose white-label applications that can be fully customized to our client’s specific requirements.

Reference projects
Company Description Case study
Deutsche Telekom Using our face tracking and analysis technology, we collaborated to create the Message+ app. Read more
Virtual Beautician Ltd. Using our virtual makeup technology, we collaborated to create the WOWHOW app. Read more
Moving Picture Company With our 3D face masking, the BopHeads app was created for advertising purposes. Read more
under NDA For a renowned gaming company we have produced a customized version of software to their memory and performance requirements.
Crown We developed a modified and customized version of VisageTrackerDemo for Android.
Cynny We ported visage|SDK to Debian Wheezy ARMv7.

Client testimonials

Visage Technologies has provided technology and custom development for various companies. Read more about their experience.

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