Track eyes & gaze

Track eyes & gaze

Monitor eye movements to pinpoint what draws (and holds) peoples’ attention and what doesn’t.

Read emotions

Read emotions

Understand what emotionally touches and engages your customers with reliable, real-time emotion data.

Analyze audiences

Analyze audiences

Find out how different genders and age groups react to specific content and communicate more efficiently.

Know how to emotionally engage your audience

Successful marketing is based on emotions. By understanding what emotionally engages your brand’s target audience, you can learn how to create better, more relevant content and optimize your advertising spend. For example, emotion recognition lets you pinpoint how your ads make people feel, learn how customers navigate your website, carry our A/B testing, and more.

  • Recognize universal emotions as they happen
  • Measure emotional responses to brand content, ads, products, and more

Put your brand at the center of attention

Human attention is limited and getting harder to capture. Eye tracking lets you analyze what people tend to look at, when, and for how long. This allows you to better understand their thinking and decision-making processes in order to pinpoint the ad formats, layouts, content etc., that are most likely to be successful.

  • Real-time information on gaze direction, eye closure, and 3D eyes coordinates
  • Screen-space gaze coordinates approximating the point on the screen the user is looking at

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