Apache: Creating an immersive cosmetics marketing campaign with face tracking
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    Face tracking, Face analysis

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    Interactive marketing campaign

In the ever-evolving world of immersive technology, the quest for more engaging and interactive experiences is relentless.

So, Apache, a UK-based pioneer in this field, recently embarked on an ambitious project. This project showcased the incredible potential of combining their expertise with cutting-edge face technology from Visage Technologies.

This case study, therefore, delves into how Apache, leveraging our advanced face tracking and face analysis capabilities, successfully overcame significant challenges to create a groundbreaking marketing campaign for a prestigious cosmetics brand.

Apache – transforming ordinary interactions into extraordinary experiences

Apache is a dynamic and innovative immersive technology company based in St. Albans, UK. With a focus on creating extraordinary interactive experiences, Apache leverages augmented and virtual reality, body tracking, and other advanced technologies.

Known for their creative flair and technical prowess, Apache specializes in transforming ordinary interactions into extraordinary experiences. Consequently, their long-standing presence in the industry is a testament to their ability to innovate and adapt to the changing technological environment.

The challenge: Pursuit of flawless face tracking

Prior to partnering with Visage Technologies, Apache faced the task of implementing a face tracking system that could handle multiple participants with low latency and seamless integration.

The objective was to create an engaging and robust interactive experience for a high-profile marketing campaign. The key requirements included accurate tracking, minimal delay, and compatibility with existing systems.

This was crucial for their project because it aimed to offer an engaging and responsive interactive experience for users.

Faces transformed with face tracking and analysis

Visage Technologies’ face tracking and face analysis technology emerged as the perfect solution for Apache’s requirements.

The superior quality of tracking, combined with reasonable licensing costs and excellent support, made it an ideal choice. 

Despite the initial challenges of integrating the technology with Apache’s camera feed, the result was a tailor-made solution that precisely matched their needs. The flexibility and robustness of our solution played a pivotal role in the success of the project.

“I would absolutely recommend Visage Technologies as they provide robust tracking, the cost is not too high, and the support is excellent!”

– Adam Vahed, CEO, Apache

The gingerbread transformation: A festive success story

The collaboration between Apache and Visage Technologies culminated in an enchanting marketing experience for a leading cosmetics brand, transforming a festive concept into an interactive reality. 

This unique campaign was centered around a gingerbread-themed experience, designed to promote the brand’s winter collection of products, which were inspired by the warm, inviting scents of gingerbread and other festive aromas.

At the heart of this campaign was a life-size Gingerbread House pop-up. It was an immersive and whimsical installation that invited visitors to step into a world reminiscent of classic holiday tales. 

As part of the interactive experience, users could transform themselves into Gingerbread characters, using the advanced face tracking and analysis technology provided by Visage Technologies. 

This transformation resonated perfectly with the festive spirit of Christmas holidays creating a magical and memorable moment for each participant. And in turn, it resulted in a highly popular installation.

The campaign was a resounding success, engaging approximately 5000 users over a three-month period. And it received widespread acclaim for its innovation and interactivity.

Moreover, the successful fusion of Visage Technologies’ face tracking and analysis with Apache’s imaginative concept demonstrated the effectiveness and appeal of combining cutting-edge technology with thematic marketing strategies. 

“Visage Technologies’ solutions stood out to us for a number of factors. Primarily the quality of the tracking, but also the license pricing, ease of communication, and the way the solution was structured. It ultimately gave us exactly what we needed.”

Adam Vahed, CEO, Apache

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