Arrisum: Trying out a new smile virtually
  • Client:


  • Technology:

    Face tracking

  • Use case:

    Virtual smile try-on

About Arrisum

Arrisum is a modern device for dentist ordinations built by Lunar, an augmented reality company that develops innovative solutions with the latest technologies. Arrisum allows patients to choose their new smile themselves in just a few simple steps.

Business challenge

Lunar wanted to develop a device for dentist clinics that hold the highest standards in dental medicine. Therefore, the dental clinic Dentum was selected as a partner in the project.  The new device, Arrisum, would allow patients to choose their new smile themselves, before talking to their dentist.

The patients could try out different teeth models and colors until they find the one that is right for them. This would help patients make the right choice and dentists to deliver the best results.

The device needed reliable software that would be able to detect a patient’s face and accurately track it even when the patient moves their head. This way, the patient would get the most realistic results and easily find the perfect smile for themselves.


Since Arrisum was intended for first-class clinics, Lunar needed to find reliable and accurate technology. FaceTrack quickly proved to be the right fit:

  • visage|SDK is extremely lightweight and fast.
  • FaceTrack detects faces and tracks 99 facial landmarks in real time.
  • FaceTrack can work locally on any device, even without an Internet connection.
  • visage|SDK integration is very simple and quick thanks to the detailed development guide.
  • No personal information (such as images or names) is captured, stored or processed.


The integration of FaceTrack into Arrisum devices enabled dental clinics and their patients to visualize the desired results before any physical intervention.

The device detects a patient as soon as they step in front of it. They then have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. The patient positions their head according to the guidelines on the screen.
  2. The device scans the patient’sface and displays various teeth models they can choose from.
  3. The patient can try out a new smile and adjust it by choosing additional options such as teeth colour, position and more. They can also easily compare their teeth with the chosen model.

This simple process allows patients to easily create their new, beautiful smile themselves and show their dentist exactly what they want. This not only guarantees patient satisfaction, but also makes their dentist’s job much easier.

Arrisum once again proves that modern technology has an important place in health institutions that want to provide the best service to their patients.

“As an entrepreneur for the last 25 years, I have worked and developed many systems based on new technologies. I can say that the team behind Visage Technologies has shown an enviable amount of understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs when we face various problems during prototype development, and has made the whole process easier and ultimately successful. A quality product with dedicated, professional and, above all, human approach to clients certainly deserves my sincere recommendation.”

Robert Majhen, CEO, Lunar