WOW HOW: Revolutionizing beauty tutorials
  • Client:

    Virtual Beautician Ltd.

  • Technology:


  • Use case:

    Interactive virtual makeup tutorials

About client

Virtual Beautician Ltd. used our FaceTrack to revolutionize the way women learn to apply make-up. Their goal was to create an app that would personalize the learning experience for each specific person.To do so, the client needed software that could reliably track users’ faces. The tracking had to be accurate enough to enable a smooth, personalized experience for each user.


The client chose our face tracking technology because it was the perfect fit for their goals and requirements:

  • Human faces, including 99 facial landmarks, are detected and tracked in real time.
  • visage|SDK comes with a detailed development guide, lots of customization options and excellent technical support.
  • The SDK is extremely lightweight, allowing the app to run smoothly on all Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • The SDK delivers great results with a broad range of cameras and resolutions.
  • Face tracking works locally on any device, even with no Internet connection.
  • The integration is quick and easy.


Our technology was integrated into WOW HOW, a mobile application that allows users to learn how to apply makeup in an interactive way.


WOW HOW matches make-up tones and techniques with specific skin tone and facial features of each user. 99 facial feature points are tracked, allowing the app to customize the makeup tutorials to a specific face.

The step-by-step instructions explain how to apply various make-up styles. Users get information about the best techniques, along with useful tips within each tutorial. To minimize trial and error, users can watch the instructions and apply makeup simultaneously. This helps each user achieve the best look.

Using WOW HOW, beauty enthusiasts can try out new makeup colors and techniques in the comfort of their home, at a pace that suits them best. Reliable face tracking helps create a truly personalized and interactive experience for each user. With this smart app, everyone can become a skilled makeup artist.