Oriflame Makeup Wizard: Award-winning virtual makeup app

Oriflame Makeup Wizard is an Android and iOS app that enables virtual try-on of makeup from the Oriflame The ONE brand. Dynamo designed the complete flow for the application based on Oriflame design standards. 

The awarded app is based on TryCore, a core try-on module developed within the Dynamo Concept Studio. It is integrated with Visage Technologies’ face-tracking libraries as well as advanced algorithms to apply makeup on the user’s face.


The client chose our face tracking technology because it was the perfect fit for their goals and requirements:

  • Human faces, including 99 facial landmarks, are detected and tracked in real time.
  • visage|SDK comes with a detailed development guide and lots of customization options.
  • The SDK is extremely lightweight, allowing the app to run smoothly on all mobile devices.
  • Face tracking delivers great results with a broad range of cameras and resolutions.
  • Face tracking works locally on any device, even with no Internet connection.
  • The integration is quick and easy.


The app is developed for Android and iPhone and includes integration with the Oriflame product catalog and e-commerce system, allowing users to easily try out and purchase their favorite products.

Using the phone’s built-in camera, users can virtually apply lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, and eyeliner and get a real-time view of how they look. Once the user has chosen a look, they can easily add the selected products to their shopping cart and buy them from the Oriflame website.

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