City Lab Cosmetics: Revolutionizing the virtual lipstick try-on experience

City Lab Cosmetics is Milan’s pioneering personalized cosmetic brand. They’ve teamed up with Arbelle by Visage Technologies to revolutionize the virtual lipstick try-on experience. Leveraging our innovative AR technology, City Lab Cosmetics offers customers an interactive and realistic way to try on and create custom lipsticks from anywhere in the world.

Facing the challenge

City Lab Cosmetics sought a sophisticated AR tool to offer a live, realistic virtual try-on experience. They aimed to inspire confidence in customers making personalized product choices, overcoming the challenges posed by diverse individual preferences.

Virtual lipstick try-on: Transformation with Arbelle

Arbelle’s cutting-edge beauty AR solution, renowned for its realism and precision, was the perfect fit. Utilizing FaceTrack technology, which maps over 150 facial points, Arbelle delivered lifelike finishes and realistic colors. This integration provided City Lab Cosmetics’ customers with a seamless and engaging virtual try-on experience, mirroring the real physical experience.

City Lab Cosmetics successfully launched their enhanced virtual lipstick try-on experience, allowing customers to try on and design their own custom lipsticks in real time.

And you can see the final result right here in the video.

What stood out in the end, i.e. was important to City Lab the most, is that Arbelle provided a highly realistic and completely live experience. This means that customers can now try the lipstick any time and in real time.

“We would highly recommend your technology because we believe that AR in general –
and particularly sophisticated tech such as Arbelle – could give a great boost to all e-commerce.
We’re also very positively impressed by the professionalism of your team, and as we’re planning
to launch the virtual foundation experience, as well, we think it could be a great new challenge
for our partnership.”

– Silvia Capel Badino, COO, City Lab Cosmetics

► Read the full case study and find out more about the collaboration here: City Lab Cosmetics –
virtual lipstick try-on

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