Palm Beach Tan: Transforming the tanning experience with a virtual tan try-on

Palm Beach Tan, Inc. has redefined the tanning experience with a pioneering digital innovation. Partnering with Arbelle by Visage Technologies, they launched the Try Your Tan® tool, an advanced virtual tan try-on solution that addresses a key industry challenge: helping customers confidently choose the perfect tan shade.

The challenge: Overcoming uncertainty

Customers often hesitate to try spray tanning due to uncertainty about how different shades will look on them. Palm Beach Tan aimed to eliminate this hesitation with a digital tool that allows users to visualize various tan shades in real-time, whether on their phones or laptops. This virtual try-on technology sought to enhance customer confidence and satisfaction.

The solution: Arbelle’s cutting-edge AR technology

Arbelle provided the perfect solution with advanced beauty AR technology. Our SDK offers realistic rendering, extensive customization options, and precise facial tracking. This allowed Palm Beach Tan to create a seamless and personalized virtual tanning experience that resonates with their audience.

The Try Your Tan® tool has become a hit on the Palm Beach Tan website and mobile app, extensively used by members and prospects. It has also enhanced in-store consultations, allowing beauty consultants to better guide customers through their tanning options.

“We would highly recommend Arbelle’s technology as it has easily integrated with Palm Beach Tan’s
virtual storefronts and enhanced our members’ experience. In addition, the platform has been stable,
requiring little maintenance. We hope to work with Arbelle in the future to expand the capabilities
of the Try Your Tan® tool to include more options.”

– Gorkem Yamandag, SVP, Technology & Project Management

Read the full case study to learn more about this transformative collaboration and the
immersive virtual tan experience: Palm Beach Tan – virtual tan try-on.

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