Škoda uses eye tracking in their marketing campaign
  • Client:


  • Technology:

    Face tracking, gaze tracking

  • Use case:

    Marketing campaign based on gaze tracking

Visage Technologies’ eye tracking technology was used to produce a striking effect in Fight for Attention, a new marketing campaign from Škoda.

Conceived by creative agency 18 Feet & Rising, this interactive online experience was developed and built in partnership with production company B-Reel using eye tracking technology developed by Visage Technologies.

The complete campaign, due to roll out across 32 European markets from Monday 16th February, was built around the idea that the new Fabia steals attention. When user visits the “Fight For Attention” site, they are first invited to interact via webcam so their eye movement is calibrated.

They then watch two live action 90-second films directed by David Chvatal. In the films, two Škoda Fabia cars – blue and white – race through various locations and obstacles, both real and animated. The goal is to measure which car will steal the user’s attention by measuring the amount of time they spend looking at each model.

At the end of the video, users gets a personalized infographic summarizing their unique viewing experience. They can see which car attracted more of their attention and share their chart on social media.

“We have no doubts that key to the success of the Fight for Attention campaign is the marriage of innovative technology with Skoda’s distinctive style and brand language. In the case of Fight for Attention we’re using real-time eye tracking as a tool to take the concept of user choice into fresh, new directions. Instead of presenting a single moment of choice after finishing the experience, the user’s attention is continuously tracked and automatically evaluated when they reach the goal. All of which is handled directly in the browser window, seamlessly integrated into the user journey.”

Theun de Bruijn, Technical Director from B-Reel’s London studio